The Barn

The Barn is an integral part of the core curriculum at Cocoons. In a world when fewer and fewer children have animals at home, caring for the barn animals is a priceless experience that few children would otherwise ever have. The barn provides the perfect venue for teaching responsibility, compassion, tolerance, and patience. Brushing and touching the animals provides sensory input that is vital for children with special needs including children on the autism spectrum.

The Cocoons barn is the home of all adopted animals. Our goats Milo and Otis’s playful personalities and endless curiosity bring hours of enjoyment and spark endless conversation. Our bunnies, Smokey, The BearĀ and Captain America thinks that they are cats. They love to be loved and get plenty of it!

Captain America


Our two Bantam chickens, one Bantam rooster, and five Rode Island Reds fee-range all day long. They provide us with yummy eggs for cooking and babies in the spring. Our mini special needs horse




Puddle is the star of the barn. He loves to be brushed, combed, hugged, and walked by one and all.

Every day for an hour, six different Cocooners work with Miss Sandy in the barn. They muck stalls and clean the barn using child-size shovels, wheelbarrows and push brooms. They feed, water, and brush the animals; they give and get lots and lots of love!

These are the memories that children share and write about for a lifetime.