Friends of Cocoons Scholarship Dinner & Auction

Farm to Table 

Friends of Cocoons Scholarship Event 

Stone Farm

Limerick Road, Arundel, Maine 

Friday Night, September 29th 6:00-9:00

It’s an authentic Maine Hoedown 

Tickets are really beginning to sell but it’s not going to be a party without YOU

It’s time to purchase your tickets, if you haven’t already!

News Flash 

As part of our fundraiser, we are also going to have an auction that will begin online and culminate live in the barn at the hoedown. We have some awesome items! Go to  to check out the very fun “stuff” that has been donated and start bidding.

Note: If you would like to bid on items but you are not able to attend the event, of course you can still bid online and you can also email to enter a proxy bid. Let us know your maximum bid for a particular item and we will keep your proxy bid a secret. You will win the item for $10 higher that the highest bidder present at the event up to your maximum bid. We will notify you via email if you win. :)

All of the money raised will help to fund scholarships and environmental education at Cocoons! Of course all bids are deductible to the full extent of the law. Online bidding will end September 22nd.

**Let the fun begin**

Friends of Cocoons Proud Sponsors and Donors

Friends of Cocoons would like to sincerely thank the following businesses for making the upcoming Friends of Cocoons Farm to Table & raffle scholarship fundraising event at Stone Farm a success. Due to their generosity, many more deserving little people will benefit greatly by being able to start school at Cocoons. Please consider giving them your business!

Brea McDonald Photography

Biddeford Savings Bank

Bowley Builders

Branch Brook Fuels

Cape Porpoise Trading Company


Farm to Table

Federal Jacks

50 Local

Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating

Triple L Farm

Lyons Agency for Insurance

Nadeau Orthodontics

Nova Seafood

Nunan’s Lobster House

Old Vines

Owen’s Farmhouse Pizza

Sea Dog Brewing Company

Snug Harbor

The Fifth Om

The Harbor Inn

The Landing School

The Light House

Theory Brewery

Three C’s Property Management

Summer Camp 2017


As always, spots are limited so sign up soon! 

This summer Cocoons is extremely excited to be partnering for the 2nd year with both the amazing Ecology School of Saco and the incredible Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Their experienced teachers will offer fun-filled organized environmental camps for young children at Cocoons. Both organizations support early environmental education the same as Cocoons and are committed to providing hands-on outdoor experiences that children will remember for a lifetime! Check out these camps!

July 17th-July21st Flying High (ages 4-8)

– offered by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

This week is all about our feathered friends from the red-tailed hawk who resides at the Emmon’s Preserve to the Guls that steal our sandwiches at the beach. Spend a week hiking and bird watching with our binoculars and learning how every bird is perfectly adapted for their environment from their talons and beaks to feathers and feet. Monday and Friday explore Cocoons; see if there are eggs in the birdhouses, and explore what is flying around the vernal pools. Tuesday through Thursday, have fun at the KCT Headquarters exploring forest and field, make your own birdfeeders and “fly” over to Stage Harbor, to walk out to the islands and find more feathered friends who visit us on the shore. Perhaps even a story from a real Author!

 July 24-28 “Living Tiny in the Meadow and Forest“(ages 4-9)

-offered by the Saco Ecology School

It would be scary to live in the Cocoons meadow or forest if you were only 2″ tall! There are bobcats and fox and porcupines and raccoons that roam around at night! There are hawks and eagles and bears that hunt during the day! Even rabbits would be giants! Where would you hide during the day? What would you eat? Where would you sleep at night? Cocoons campers will pretend that they are only 2″ tall for a whole week. They will explore, build and create to survive the tough days and nights with fierce predators, hot sun, and heavy rain outside at Cocoons. Campers will also spend Friday exploring  the back bay near Mother’s Beach…a magical ocean estuary!

August 7-11 “Mysteries Around Us” (ages 4-9)

– offered by the Saco Ecology School

Nature is full of amazing mysteries. On Monday campers will be deputized as ” Ecology Detectives in Training” before embarking on a week’s worth of adventures! Every day teams of campers will be presented with a new case and be given clues to solve the mystery of the day. Clues will lead ecology detectives on adventures to places like the Cocoons vernal pool, the headwaters of Lake Brook, the “back 40″, the meadow and the forest  Without question, some incredible discoveries will be made! Campers will also spend Friday exploring the back bay near Mother’s Beach… a magical ocean estuary!

August 14th -August 18th Explorers Unite (ages 8-11) 

-offered by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

Get ready for high adventure! Campers will spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons where they will learn about different explorers and their journeys, as well as take some big journeys of their own to explore their own community. Learn how boats are built and about the first boats that came from the Kennebunk River and sailed around the world. Learn how to navigate around the woods, and the tools to be an adventurer. Tuesday through Thursday at Kennebunkport Conservation Trust will supply plenty of opportunities to explore new territory on a mountain bike trek, hike trails to tasty destinations, and even adventure out to an island to see how the first explorers in Cape Porpoise came here, maybe even find some artifacts alongside the archeology dig out on Stage Island!

Please use the links provided below to obtain more detailed information about the camps as well as to register.

The Ecology School weeks 7/26 & 8/7

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust weeks 7/17 & 8/14


Open house for Prospective Students

Our annual open house for 2017-2018 Prospective and Present Cocooners is February 16th at 6:30pm. (Adults only)  A great way to meet each classrooms teachers, tour the classrooms and school, meet the animals and ask any questions you may have!

Scholarship and registration information will be available at the open house. Registration for 2017-2018 academic year will begin the first week in March.
We hope to see you there!

Summer Camp 2016 Information


As always, spots are limited so sign up soon! 

This summer Cocoons is extremely excited about partnering with both the amazing Ecology School of Saco (where Miss Laura taught before joining the Cocoons staff) and the incredible Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Their experienced teachers will offer fun-filled organized environmental camps for young children at Cocoons. Both organizations support early environmental education the same as Cocoons and are committed to providing hands-on outdoor experiences that children will remember for a lifetime! Check out these camps!

July 5-8 Map Makers, Make Us a Map! – Offered by The Ecology School

Campers will become famous (and infamous!) explorers, and engage in the process of mapping the entirety of the Cocoons landscape from different perspectives: as farmers, animals, and even pirates! To begin the week, a blank map will be presented to campers – the task will be to fill it out before the end of the week and make connections between all of the places we visit. 

July11-15 Where the Wild Things Are- Offered by the KCT 

Campers will spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons where they will practice tracking critters large and small and learning whose foot prints we see, perhaps leading us to a special home!  Explore the vernal pools, wetlands, meadow and forest to find what amazing “wild things” live in our own back yard.   On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday campers will explore Kennebunkport Conservation Trust lands.  Visit an Island and learn about our island creatures, tide pooling and looking under rocks to see how much life is all around us.  Back at the Emmons Preserve (located less than 10 minutes from Cocoons) make a fairy house village, explore the frog pond, Batson River, and the forest to learn all the awesome wild things that in the sky, water and on land.  Campers will learn first hand about the amazing lives of Bees, and make their own bees wax candles.  SHHHH… campers will even set up a night camera to get pictures of what is out and about after dark! 

July 25-29 Living Tiny in the Forest – Offered by The Ecology School

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be two inches tall for a week? Now is your chance to find out. Where would you live? How would you travel? What would you eat? Think miniature and come explore, build and create from a tiny point of view.

August 1-5 Eco Detectives- Offered by The Ecology School

Nature is full of mysteries! Campers will be deputized as “Ecology Detectives in Training” before embarking on a week’s worth of adventures. Each day campers will be presented with a new “case” and discover multiple clues which they will need to solve the mystery of the day.

August 8-12 Ahoy Matey – Offered by the KCT

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!  Campers become pirates on the coast of Maine for a week!  Spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons making their pirate character come to life, following clues on a treasure hunt to find buried treasure, and learning about and living like the pirates of long ago.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday explore some of the pirates’ favorite stomping grounds, hearing the stories of the great battles on the Islands of Cape Porpoise.  Visit Vaughn’s Island (off Turbats Creek) and learn of the Ghosts that still roam there.  Spend time on the Batson River at the Emmons Preserve in Kennebunkport, (located less than 10 minutes from Cocoons)  Make and sail their own boats, wade in the waters of the river, and try their hand at orienteering on a quest to capture their missing pirate flag!

Please use the links provided below to obtain more detailed information about the camps as well as to register.

The Ecology School weeks 7/5, 7/25 & 8/1

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust weeks 7/11 & 8/12

Exciting Cocoons 2016 Summer Camp Changes

This year summer camp at Cocoons is going to look a little different. After many years of teaching year round, Miss Laura, Miss Peggy, Miss Stephanie, and Miss Sandy are going to take a much needed break. To date, this year there will be no environmental summer camp at Cocoons during the weeks of July 12-16 or August 8-16 but the other three summer camp weeks are going to be AWESOME!!

We are thrilled to be able to announce that this year Cocoons is partnering with The Ecology School, formerly known as Ferry Beach Ecology School when our very own Miss Laura was part of their staff, located in Saco Maine. The Ecology School staff will be offering camps for children ages 4-11 during the weeks of July 5-8July 25-29, and August 1-5. Lot and lots of research went into partnering at our precious school. We sought out only programs that matched our philosophy and enthusiasm for teaching young children about the environment.  Some of Miss Laura’s good friends will be the summer camp teachers. These teachers will provide exciting extensions of environmental learning that takes place at Cocoons during the academic year. Of course Miss Sandy will be at school the first Monday of every session to meet and greet and introduce our Cocooners to her friends from the Ecology School.

We would like to invite you to visit to learn lots more about this wonderful school and their programs. We have shared The Ecology School’s Mission statement and Philosophy below. The Ecology School is working hard to offer organized activities that will fill your child’s summer days with fun experiential outdoor learning and lots of laughter.

Registration will begin online during the second week in March just like Cocoons camp registration has been for the past several years. We anticipate that these camp weeks will fill up very quickly! The Ecology School will be providing a link for registration in the very near future along with more detailed information about their programs at Cocoons. We’ll be sure to keep you posted every step of the way!!

The mission of Ecology Education, Inc. is to foster stewardship for the Earth by reimagining education through the science of ecology and the practice of sustainability.
Since 1998, The Ecology School has brought innovative ecology education programs to thousands of children throughout New England and nationwide.  In everything we do – leading overnight and day programs on our coastal campus, teaching outreach programs at schools, running camps and publishing curriculum and field guides – we accentuate the magic, mystery and wonder of nature so that students can better understand and care for the environment.

Begindergarten Option In Kindergarten At Cocoons

For almost 15 years we have had a traditional kindergarten- 1st Grade
classroom with low teacher-student rations at Cocoons. The curriculum
continues to be awesome. Children graduate from the program with
amazing skills and a deep seeded love of learning. We are sure that
our K/1 class will continue to be amazing for years to come.

In recent years, however, we have had more and more young children
with summer and fall birthdays graduating from our 2nd year preschool
Blue Room. Their parents agonize over whether they should send these
young children on to kindergarten or have them spend another year in
the Blue Room? We have heard their concerns and have come up with what
we think is the best of all worlds…. a unique kindergarten
registration option for our young preschool

Parents and educators alike know that children with a summer or fall
birthday almost always benefit a great deal from being in a smaller
school and classroom with low student teacher ratios where they can
mature and grow socially for another year before heading off to the
“big school”. They become leaders; they learn to advocate for
themselves and others; they learn to be patient; they perfect self
help skills, they find their voice…but parents also want their
children to be challenged. Now there is Begindergarten.

If your child’s birthday falls before the kindergarten cutoff date but
he or she would benefit from being in a smaller setting where they are
challenged academically while developing essential social skills,
independence, resilience, and confidence before heading off to the big
school, Cocoons Begindergarten option may be just what you’re looking

•       Begindergarten students will be members of the Cocoons kindergarten
class where they will do number and letter work at a higher level.
Those who are developmentally ready will also be taught how to read.
•       Begindergarten students will be given time during the morning to
join the BR kids during self-guided Creative Play and Outdoor
Exploration on a daily rotational basis where they will be given added
opportunities to master social and leadership skills.
•       Begindergarten students will spend the afternoon in the
kindergarten classroom where they will participate in special
activities including art and science instead of resting. 12:00-3:00
•   Registration Options: M/W/F OR M-F  9:00-3:00

Open House

Open House for the 2016-2017 academic year is February 11th at 6:30pm for adults only. It is a wonderful time to tour the school, meet the staff and animals and learn about the registration process. Hope to see you there!

Summer Camp Registration

We are so excited that Spring is in the air. Online registration for Cocoons Summer camp begins on March 28th at 8:00am.

Please click on the Summer Programs tab at the top to view themes and prices and to register online.

Open House

Open house for 2015-2016 Prospective and Present Cocooners is February 12th from 7:00 -8:00pm ( A great way to meet next years teachers, tour the classroom and ask any questions you may have!)

Fun New After School Activities

We are SO excited to be able to offer some fun after school programs at Cocoons. The programs that have been firmed up are: 

1. Mindfulness classes taught by our very own Miss Elizabeth on Mondays

2. Hip-Hop Dance taught by Rivertree Arts on Tuesdays

3. Yoga taught by our very own Miss Jen on Wednesdays

4. Mad Science taught by the Mad Science folks on Thursdays

….and maybe Karate on Fridays

(Actual descriptions of the classes will follow soon…) 

**All children who are 3 and older and are registered to stay for aftercare at Cocoons past 4:00 o’clock will be automatically registered in classes as part of their aftercare experience. 

**If your child is a present Cocooner and is not registered to stay in aftercare after 4:00, you may sign up for classes as of today, August 4th.

** Cocoons’ alumni ages 8 and younger can sign up as of 8/11th

** Registration will be open to the public as of 8/18th 

Register Cocooners & alumni by emailing us to get your name on a specific after school class list. The cost of each class is approximately $10 or $100 per session. Everybody will pay the provider for the semester directly after 8/18th. DO NOT SEND COCOONS ANY MONEY FOR THESE CLASSES!  

Class size will be limited to #12 students

** The class schedule will be as follows 

Session 1: September 30-December 16.  No class 11/11, 11/25, 11/28.

Session 2: January 13-March 24. No class 2/17.

Session 3: March 31-May 12 (6 classes). No class 4/21. $65.