Summer Camp 2017


As always, spots are limited so sign up soon! 

This summer Cocoons is extremely excited to be partnering for the 2nd year with both the amazing Ecology School of Saco and the incredible Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Their experienced teachers will offer fun-filled organized environmental camps for young children at Cocoons. Both organizations support early environmental education the same as Cocoons and are committed to providing hands-on outdoor experiences that children will remember for a lifetime! Check out these camps!

July 17th-July21st Flying High (ages 4-8)

– offered by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

This week is all about our feathered friends from the red-tailed hawk who resides at the Emmon’s Preserve to the Guls that steal our sandwiches at the beach. Spend a week hiking and bird watching with our binoculars and learning how every bird is perfectly adapted for their environment from their talons and beaks to feathers and feet. Monday and Friday explore Cocoons; see if there are eggs in the birdhouses, and explore what is flying around the vernal pools. Tuesday through Thursday, have fun at the KCT Headquarters exploring forest and field, make your own birdfeeders and “fly” over to Stage Harbor, to walk out to the islands and find more feathered friends who visit us on the shore. Perhaps even a story from a real Author!

 July 24-28 “Living Tiny in the Meadow and Forest“(ages 4-9)

-offered by the Saco Ecology School

It would be scary to live in the Cocoons meadow or forest if you were only 2″ tall! There are bobcats and fox and porcupines and raccoons that roam around at night! There are hawks and eagles and bears that hunt during the day! Even rabbits would be giants! Where would you hide during the day? What would you eat? Where would you sleep at night? Cocoons campers will pretend that they are only 2″ tall for a whole week. They will explore, build and create to survive the tough days and nights with fierce predators, hot sun, and heavy rain outside at Cocoons. Campers will also spend Friday exploring  the back bay near Mother’s Beach…a magical ocean estuary!

August 7-11 “Mysteries Around Us” (ages 4-9)

– offered by the Saco Ecology School

Nature is full of amazing mysteries. On Monday campers will be deputized as ” Ecology Detectives in Training” before embarking on a week’s worth of adventures! Every day teams of campers will be presented with a new case and be given clues to solve the mystery of the day. Clues will lead ecology detectives on adventures to places like the Cocoons vernal pool, the headwaters of Lake Brook, the “back 40″, the meadow and the forest  Without question, some incredible discoveries will be made! Campers will also spend Friday exploring the back bay near Mother’s Beach… a magical ocean estuary!

August 14th -August 18th Explorers Unite (ages 8-11) 

-offered by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust

Get ready for high adventure! Campers will spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons where they will learn about different explorers and their journeys, as well as take some big journeys of their own to explore their own community. Learn how boats are built and about the first boats that came from the Kennebunk River and sailed around the world. Learn how to navigate around the woods, and the tools to be an adventurer. Tuesday through Thursday at Kennebunkport Conservation Trust will supply plenty of opportunities to explore new territory on a mountain bike trek, hike trails to tasty destinations, and even adventure out to an island to see how the first explorers in Cape Porpoise came here, maybe even find some artifacts alongside the archeology dig out on Stage Island!

Please use the links provided below to obtain more detailed information about the camps as well as to register.

The Ecology School weeks 7/26 & 8/7

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust weeks 7/17 & 8/14


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