Summer Camp 2016 Information


As always, spots are limited so sign up soon! 

This summer Cocoons is extremely excited about partnering with both the amazing Ecology School of Saco (where Miss Laura taught before joining the Cocoons staff) and the incredible Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Their experienced teachers will offer fun-filled organized environmental camps for young children at Cocoons. Both organizations support early environmental education the same as Cocoons and are committed to providing hands-on outdoor experiences that children will remember for a lifetime! Check out these camps!

July 5-8 Map Makers, Make Us a Map! – Offered by The Ecology School

Campers will become famous (and infamous!) explorers, and engage in the process of mapping the entirety of the Cocoons landscape from different perspectives: as farmers, animals, and even pirates! To begin the week, a blank map will be presented to campers – the task will be to fill it out before the end of the week and make connections between all of the places we visit. 

July11-15 Where the Wild Things Are- Offered by the KCT 

Campers will spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons where they will practice tracking critters large and small and learning whose foot prints we see, perhaps leading us to a special home!  Explore the vernal pools, wetlands, meadow and forest to find what amazing “wild things” live in our own back yard.   On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday campers will explore Kennebunkport Conservation Trust lands.  Visit an Island and learn about our island creatures, tide pooling and looking under rocks to see how much life is all around us.  Back at the Emmons Preserve (located less than 10 minutes from Cocoons) make a fairy house village, explore the frog pond, Batson River, and the forest to learn all the awesome wild things that in the sky, water and on land.  Campers will learn first hand about the amazing lives of Bees, and make their own bees wax candles.  SHHHH… campers will even set up a night camera to get pictures of what is out and about after dark! 

July 25-29 Living Tiny in the Forest – Offered by The Ecology School

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be two inches tall for a week? Now is your chance to find out. Where would you live? How would you travel? What would you eat? Think miniature and come explore, build and create from a tiny point of view.

August 1-5 Eco Detectives- Offered by The Ecology School

Nature is full of mysteries! Campers will be deputized as “Ecology Detectives in Training” before embarking on a week’s worth of adventures. Each day campers will be presented with a new “case” and discover multiple clues which they will need to solve the mystery of the day.

August 8-12 Ahoy Matey – Offered by the KCT

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!  Campers become pirates on the coast of Maine for a week!  Spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons making their pirate character come to life, following clues on a treasure hunt to find buried treasure, and learning about and living like the pirates of long ago.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday explore some of the pirates’ favorite stomping grounds, hearing the stories of the great battles on the Islands of Cape Porpoise.  Visit Vaughn’s Island (off Turbats Creek) and learn of the Ghosts that still roam there.  Spend time on the Batson River at the Emmons Preserve in Kennebunkport, (located less than 10 minutes from Cocoons)  Make and sail their own boats, wade in the waters of the river, and try their hand at orienteering on a quest to capture their missing pirate flag!

Please use the links provided below to obtain more detailed information about the camps as well as to register.

The Ecology School weeks 7/5, 7/25 & 8/1

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust weeks 7/11 & 8/12

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