Mission & Donations

Friends of Cocoons Nonprofit
Supports Scholarships & Environmental Education

Friends of Cocoons is a nonprofit 501c3 that was formed to fund preschool scholarships for young children who would benefit from attending Cocoons during the academic year and Environmental Summer Camp, as well as to promote environmental education.

Friends of Cocoons sponsors both the annual  Fall Festival at Cocoons and the annual Race to Educate at the Waterhouse Pavilion. These amazing events not only enrich every family’s experience at Cocoons, all of the proceeds are used to fund academic year and summer camp  scholarships as well as the year round environmental program in the meadow, backwoods and barn!

Over the past several years, FOC has experienced a 500% increase in financial aid applications! These young families have budgets that are stretched to the max. They are deeply committed to giving their children the best start they can! They know that quality early childhood education produces long-term improvements in school success and just need enough help to make Cocoons as affordable as another “day care”.

In 2010 & 2011 Friends of Cocoons provided assistance to more than 70 local children attending Cocoons Environmental Summer Camp.  For many of these children, summer camp was their only exposure to quality preschool education. In addition, Friends of Cocoons also funded 4 academic scholarships each year but the board can not begin to meet the needs of the community.

All scholarship applications are reviewed by SSS in Princeton, NJ as well as the board. 100% of all donations benefit local families.

Please consider making  a contribution to Friends of Cocoons by either mailing a check to Friends of Cocoons, 35 Heath Road, Kennebunk, Maine 04043 or by using your credit card by clicking on the secure link below. All contributions are deductible to the full extent of the law.