Dream Summer Camp Initiative

What better place to provide greater accessibility for local children to come to Cocoons than at our Cocoons summer camp when the farm is alive with creatures and critters. Qualified teachers will foster children’s love of nature and broaden opportunities for them to become creative thinkers; they will build bridges to the back woods; they will hike, explore, observe and preserve the birds, reptiles, and insects that live in the wetland meadow, vernal pools and woodland. Children will learn how to become healthier adults; they will garden, forage, cook and eat locally grown produce as well as exercising regularly. Children will develop a healthy respect for themselves, their peers, adults, and the world around them; they will work collaboratively to care for the barn animals and local ecology.

Thanks to the generous support of the community, Cocoons’ nonprofit 501c3 Friends of Cocoons is doing its part to offer greater accessibility to summer camp by offering scholarships that lower summer camp tuition rates by nearly 60% as well as offering part-time and full-time weekly camp registration options; and researching possible environmental internship opportunities with UNE students majoring in Environmental Studies to provide additional qualified staffing.

Due to physical demands on children during summer camp, campers must be four years old before summer camp starts.  Summer camp at Cocoons is a magical experience; there are typically long waiting lists for summer camp; spots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.