Begindergarten Option In Kindergarten At Cocoons

For almost 15 years we have had a traditional kindergarten- 1st Grade
classroom with low teacher-student rations at Cocoons. The curriculum
continues to be awesome. Children graduate from the program with
amazing skills and a deep seeded love of learning. We are sure that
our K/1 class will continue to be amazing for years to come.

In recent years, however, we have had more and more young children
with summer and fall birthdays graduating from our 2nd year preschool
Blue Room. Their parents agonize over whether they should send these
young children on to kindergarten or have them spend another year in
the Blue Room? We have heard their concerns and have come up with what
we think is the best of all worlds…. a unique kindergarten
registration option for our young preschool

Parents and educators alike know that children with a summer or fall
birthday almost always benefit a great deal from being in a smaller
school and classroom with low student teacher ratios where they can
mature and grow socially for another year before heading off to the
“big school”. They become leaders; they learn to advocate for
themselves and others; they learn to be patient; they perfect self
help skills, they find their voice…but parents also want their
children to be challenged. Now there is Begindergarten.

If your child’s birthday falls before the kindergarten cutoff date but
he or she would benefit from being in a smaller setting where they are
challenged academically while developing essential social skills,
independence, resilience, and confidence before heading off to the big
school, Cocoons Begindergarten option may be just what you’re looking

•       Begindergarten students will be members of the Cocoons kindergarten
class where they will do number and letter work at a higher level.
Those who are developmentally ready will also be taught how to read.
•       Begindergarten students will be given time during the morning to
join the BR kids during self-guided Creative Play and Outdoor
Exploration on a daily rotational basis where they will be given added
opportunities to master social and leadership skills.
•       Begindergarten students will spend the afternoon in the
kindergarten classroom where they will participate in special
activities including art and science instead of resting. 12:00-3:00
•   Registration Options: M/W/F OR M-F  9:00-3:00

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