Choose Your Child’s 1st School Carefully!

(According to the National Institute of Early Education Research) “Excellent preschool and kindergarten programs produce long term improvements in school success. (including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition, and higher educational attainment.)”

  1. What are the teachers’ qualifications? The most important component of quality programs is the quality of the teachers.  At Cocoons we hire the best teachers available!
  1. What are the teacher-student ratios? (According to the Center for Public Education) Students who are given more individual attention during their early years of education will continue to benefit even if their class sizes increase later on. At Cocoons the teacher-student ratios never exceed 1-to 7.
  1. Is informed, deliberate planning evident?  (According to the acclaimed High Scope Educational Research Foundation) Intentional planning is vital to students’ success. At Cocoons teachers have common planning time every week; keep daily records logging children’s progress; and teach lessons on a variety of levels.
  1.  Is there a strong commitment to outdoor exploration?. (According to the National Science Foundation) Early increased study of science and nature has proven to be beneficial for cognitive functioning, increased self discipline and emotional well being. At Cocoons children garden, care for animals and explore the 40 acres bordering the school year round.

Do your homework! 

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